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Discreezips is an innovative phone app that helps you stay connected to your significant other and or loved ones and fosters stronger and long-lasting family bonds.

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Dispose of Tampons & Pads

Discreetly with Discreezips.

Our mission is to provide young girls and women with the comfort of discarding their sanitary products in privacy.

With Discreezips, you will no longer find the urge to wrap your used sanitary products in tissue or stuff them deep down in the trash can to conceal them. Our scented, decorated bags will allow you to feel comfortable discarding your used pads and tampons.


Track Your Cycle

for Fertility.

The app intuitively collects, stores, and facilitates the sharing of information to help track and predict your most fertile times.

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Discreezips is passionate about improving life for women and men all over the world. It is the commitment to that passion that drives all that we do at Discreezips.

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